Here you will find a variety of activities to get you off the couch. It could be outdoor/indoor activities, events, functions, shows, outings, social events and much more.

Choose what is right for you and take yourself to the next level! 


It's Walktober! Australia's walking month. Walking daily will assist with a healthier you, increase your productivity and you will generally feel better. Walk for at least 30 minutes per day. You will feel better for it.


Australian Poetry Slam at the Opera House Sunday 20th of October 2019 from 7.30pm visit the Opera House website for tickets


Connect with nature to nurture your soul.

Stop the mind and find a "you place" one that allows you to let go, be present and still. You know the place. Take time out of your day for you. Schedule the time and achieve it. 


The Newtown Festival is on Sunday 10th of November 2019. Attend and enjoy the full day with music, art, food, markets and animal friends. The event is primarily run as a fundraiser to support disadvantage groups. You will be assisting a good cause.

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